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Techno park…the next leg of the Tata Jagritiyatra

January 19, 2009 1 comment

After Mumbai the next destination was scheduled to be Thiruvananthapuram in kerala (India). Our journey was by train and and it took more than 24 hrs to reach the destination. After reaching Thiruvananthapuram the next thing we remembered that 350 of us were sitting at the splendid open air auditorium of the techno park. Techno park is an IT park which spreads over an area of 300 acres and hosts over 150 IT and ITES companies employing more than 20000 professionals. The infrastructure of the technopark is of world class level keeping in mind the requirements of the MNCs.

Mr.Vijay Raghvan the Ex CEO of the Technopark and Mr. Hari Verma from the Toons animation were the guest of honour. Both of them shared their experiences they’ve had since the beginning of their careers. For them entrepreneurship was all about taking risks and one should never compromise in the amount of risks. Innovation drives every business and it should be properly implemented. Always look for oppurtunities even though it might be a risky affair. An entrepreneur should always be in his/her toes when it comes to implementing an idea.

Many times failure becomes our best pal and people don’t have a clue how to get rid of it. The reasons for failure could be exhaustion of all the resources, taking of debts even when you are not cent % sure. One should always ahave a reserve of 30-50% of capital while running a business.

Why not everyone is successful in the world? The answer lies in the thinking of the people and whoever thinks differently is a sure shot winner. Sometimes handling success is far fearful than handling failure as it involves maintaining success, beating all barriers and reminding onself of the obstacles one had overcame. One very interesting thing which Mr.Raghvan said that we should never compromise on the quality of our product even if it is priced higher than the other products available in the market. He strongly opposed against the bribery system which is common these days and stressed on discouraging corruption. Keeping ones committment was one of his prime agendas.

There are many individuals who wants to start their own business but aren’t much clear about how to start. Interaction is the answer and  is very important for every budding entrepreneur and he should collaborate with more and more people with matching frequiencies.

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Hey budding Entrepreneurs….

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

These days everyone wants to achieve a name for itself and do something big. In this endeavor of doing great in life many lose their paths and are left deserted in life. Recently i came across a video and i was so thrilled that at the end i couldn’t control myself and i collected every possible information about the speaker. Well the speaker’s name is Guy Kawasaki.

He is  a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures and co-founder of Nononina (the owner of and He is also a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. He has authored eight books including The Art of the StartRules for RevolutionariesHow to Drive Your Competition CrazySelling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.

There is more to this person than just his achievements. The man is very inspiring and his talks about Entrepreneurship is just mind boggling. The best part of the whole package is his rule of “10-20-30” which is great and has conveyed a very deep meaning about how presentations should be delivered. 

I would want all of you to listen to his video about entrepreneurship and just have a great time.

His video “The Art of The Start” is about how one should start his/her company and what are the precautions one should take before jumping into it.

The link of his video is given below: