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Another political statement

September 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Politics is the biggest game and so does its players. They never stop playing it whatever the situation may be. The recent bomb blasts in Delhi(India) have triggered yet another speech by the BJP leader Mr. Venkaiah Naidu who have brought transperency in the definition of Terrorist. His recent statement was that there is no religion of a terrorist. Any one who is related to terrorism has no religion which means he is neither a muslim nor a hindu or of any other religion. But the whole world has always associated muslims with terrorism. The muslim community is harrased and is not given its rightful share in the society. Are hindus not related to terrorism? Of course they are…What about the naxalites and the maoists. Majority of them are hindus but nobody ever point towards them and raise the topic of religion. Then why muslims are so looked down whenever any terrorist activities take place. I think this is the time when the whole world should stop considering terrorism as the muslim’s ownership and think together to eliminate this from the society once for all.

Now one never knows this speech might help him getting few muslim votes in the upcoming elections.

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