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The second leg of Tata Jagritiyatra…

January 18, 2009 Leave a comment

The second leg of the tata jagritiyatra was also in Mumbai (India) and was held in an auditorium. We were altogether 360 participants from diverse backgrounds and from different parts of the world. The session started with the traditional song of the Yatra (journey) called Yaroon Chalo (lets move guys) in which we danced. It was followed by a few speeches by the organizers and then came the international speaker of Dabbawala system, Mr.Manish Tripathi.

I’ve never heard anyone talked like Mr. Tripathi and the fire and intensity with which he narrated everything about the Dabbawala system and how their network operates was beyond explanation. Dabbawala is an ordianry person on the streets of Mumbai whose prime objective is to deliver food of the office goers to their offices from their homes. The people employed in the system are not much educated and some even don’t know how to read or write. It has been said that their work doesn’t demand much qualifications or in Mr. triapthi’s words Suitably educated. He said that the Dabbawala system is such that an overqualified person can do no good to the system instead is a burden on it.

The Dabbawala is into existence since the days of the British. Many British people came to the colony and were little reluctant to the local food and so a network was established where a person was entrusted to carry their lunch boxes from their home to their offices and back to their home. The system became popular and here it is now employing around 5000 people who are paid around Rs 4000 monthly. Around 200000 lunch boxes are moved everyday by these Dabbawalas with an acute accuracy. There are codes written on the dabbas (lunch boxes) pointing to the destinations as most of the Dabbawalas are illiterate so they cannot read any text . According to a recent survey, there is only one mistake in every 6,000,000 deliveries, statistically equivalent to a Six Sigma (99.9999) rating.

There are no vehicles involved in the whole system and the entire service is provided barefoot. One could say their operations are little low tech. Only recently they have started taking bookings through SMS in order to keep up with the times. The dedications of all the workers is mind boggling and this is undoubtedly the best managing system in theĀ  world. Nowhere in the world would such passion towards their work could be seen. These Dabbawalas are so dedicated that even during the monsoons they never fails to deliver the lunch boxes to the respective clients. Such is their passion towards their work.

When Mr. Manish Tripathi ended his speech the whole auditorium was filled with the noise of clapping. He had shown us the right way to manage people around us and why every business doesn’t need an MBA.

You can learn more about Dabbawalas in the link given below:

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Is it fair to cut jobs?

October 16, 2008 Leave a comment

Cutting jobs has become a trend in the corporate world. Whenever there is crisis or the economy is in bad condition what big companies do is they cut jobs and leave thousands unemployed. On one hand the whole world is worried about the unemployement and the effect it leaves on the people and on the other hand the industry itself is encouraging it. Recently after the merger of Air India and Jet Airways there is a speculation that around 15000 jobs will be cut.

Read more about it in the link given below–

I’m not saying a company should suffer whenever there is a slowdown in the economy but there are other ways to handle the situation. One could bring a temporary decrement in the salaries of all the employees working for a company until the economy improves and becomes stable. Well the idea seems to be really good as it won’t cause any job cut and everyone could survive on the reduced salary for sometime.

Pepsico to cut 3000 jobs as profit falls 10 pc

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Pepsi company is going to unload its burden onto the employees working for it. The company has decided to cut 3000 jobs worldwide as the profit falls by 10pc. The jobs will be cut not only at the factory leval but also at the managerial level both in the US as well as outside it.

Read more about it in the following link:

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