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Snacks for the day…

January 29, 2009 1 comment

Management, Romance, Global warming and Articles are some of the few topics which are relevant in our day to day life and without whom our life would come to a standstill. So don’t you think we should devote more time to understand these things and enjoy whenever any opportunity comes our way; well here it is. I’ve collected links of some the blogs where above mentioned topics are discussed and i hope you’ll enjoy reading the stuffs…

Management: an amazing story has been described in the link given below

Romance: a good collection of romantic quotes…

Global warming: solution is been provided in the link below

Articles: you should open this one to find


The first leg of Tata Jagritiyatra…

January 17, 2009 2 comments

Tata Jagritiyatra was the initiative taken by the Jagriti Sewa Sansthan which is an organization headquartered in Mumbai (India). The theme of the yatra (Journey) was to visit different places across India where common people are working differently for the upliftment of the society. The motto was to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit of the youths so as to enable them to generate employment and bring development. Tata was the main sponsor of the whole yatra. The journey started on 24th december 2008 and ended on 11th january 2009. There were many organizations that constituted the part of the journey. The first was the Shri Mahila Gram Udyog Lijjat Papad (SMGULP).

The first leg of Tata Jagritiyatra was in Mumbai (India) at the magnificent campus of IIT powai and was organized by the Ecell coordinators. A team of the SMGULP was asked to give a brief idea of their startup and the journey thereafter. SMGULP was a cooperative system controlled by women where women over the age of 18 could become members. Its foundation was laid a few decades ago and was the brain child of seven gujarati house wives. These ladies wanted to generate sustainable income for their family and the only thing they were good at was cooking. So they collaborated with each other and with an initial capital of Rs 80 started making Papads (Indian dish). In 2002 the annual turnover of SMGULP was Rs 3 billion and exports worth Rs 100 million.

Lijjat was the collective effort of the women and even now women are the owners. Men are only salaried employees and has no ownership rights in Lijjat. Lijjat believes in the philosophy of Sarvodaya and collective ownership. Lijjat is largely responsible for empowering women and had taken many initiatives to literate women and their families. All women are considered equal and are treated as the owner. The decisions are based on the consensus and any women has the right to veto the decision. The organization as of now is employing 42000 people in 62 divisions across India.

There are many organizations in the world but there is no one like Lijjat where women are given ownership and has a respectable position in the organization. Their entrepreneurial achievement is way beyond understanding and has reached the acme of success. If seven women could do wonders by thinking differently why not other women. The model of the Lijjat should be studied by everyone who aspire to become an entrepreneur.

To learn more about the organization visit the link below:

The man behind the success of Apple..

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Steve Jobs, who was the brain behind the “Apple”  knew how to sell his product. He was albeit not a technical person but he knew the basics of marketing and this made him the one of best marketer in the world. He founded apple computers with his friend Steve woznaik. The two together had laid the foundation of the world’s greatest company. 

Well it might seems to some of you that why am i writing about steve jobs as the world already knows about him. But the reason why i am writing about him is my curiosity to tell every reader again and again about him. He is a legendary person and the way he does business is inexplicable. He is the role model of so many people and only recently while i was studying more about him through his videos, my respect towards him increases manifold.

I would want all of you who wants to do great in life and aspire to be an entrepreneur, please learn about him and watch his videos so that you won’t miss even the minutest details of marketing.,28804,1733748_1733758_1736089,00.html

Risky Business

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Is entrepreneurship always about money? This question is for those who are starters and wants to become entrepreneurs. Sometimes building one dream requires annihilation of the other. You cannot always associate entrepreneurship with big fortunes. It might happen that you end up losing a lot of your savings without earning even a penny but this shouldn’t be the end of your struggle to achieve what you aspired for. The road of entrepreneurship is not bed of roses but consists of thorns and stumbling blocks. All you have to do is to evade them and emerge stronger and invincible. Well my lecture does seems inspiring but a little example would definitely substantiate what i have just said.

Open the link below and see for yourself:

Entrepreneurship quote of the day:

The entrepreneur is not really interested in doing the work; he is interested in creating the way the company operates. In that regard, the entrepreneur is an inventor. He or she loves to invent, but does not love to manufacture or sell or distribute what he or she invents.

Michael Gerber

Tata Jagritiyatra

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

Hello aspiring entrepreneurs, here is a chance to meet some of the eminent personalities who have done great in the field of entrepreneurship. There is a YATRA  called Tata jagritiyatra organized by the Tata group for awakening entrepreneurship in the minds of the youth. This yatra is of 18 days spanning the whole of India by train. The journey will commence from Mumbai on 24th december 2008. This is going to be a great journey for all who aspire to be entrepreneurs. The total participants expected are around 450 which includes international participants also. 

So without wasting a second register yourself and become part of the legendary Yatra.

Hey budding Entrepreneurs….

November 29, 2008 Leave a comment

These days everyone wants to achieve a name for itself and do something big. In this endeavor of doing great in life many lose their paths and are left deserted in life. Recently i came across a video and i was so thrilled that at the end i couldn’t control myself and i collected every possible information about the speaker. Well the speaker’s name is Guy Kawasaki.

He is  a founding partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at Garage Technology Ventures and co-founder of Nononina (the owner of and He is also a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine. Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc. He has authored eight books including The Art of the StartRules for RevolutionariesHow to Drive Your Competition CrazySelling the Dream, and The Macintosh Way. He has a BA from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA as well as an honorary doctorate from Babson College.

There is more to this person than just his achievements. The man is very inspiring and his talks about Entrepreneurship is just mind boggling. The best part of the whole package is his rule of “10-20-30” which is great and has conveyed a very deep meaning about how presentations should be delivered. 

I would want all of you to listen to his video about entrepreneurship and just have a great time.

His video “The Art of The Start” is about how one should start his/her company and what are the precautions one should take before jumping into it.

The link of his video is given below: