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A complete eye care is possible…

Tata Jagritiyatra was full of excitement not only because of the cities we visited but the kind of exposure we got was beyond explanation. None of us had any idea that there is an eye care hospital in India whose sole purpose is to eradicate blindness from the country and to serve humanity. We visited Aravind Eye Care Hospital in Puducherry(India) and was stunned by the talk we had got from Mr. R.D. Ravindran. He told us everything about the hospital, how it functions, what were the stumbling blocks they had to face and how they overcame them, everything that could have interests us. The hospital was founded by Dr.Govindappa Venkataswamy. The hospital is named after Sri Aurobindo, one of the 20th century’s most revered spiritual leaders. The hospital has several branches in various locations both in India as well as in the world.

Aravind Eye Care is an eye hospital but its commitment is more towards serving the humanity through constant support to one who is in need. It is more of a social organization and there sole purpose is to eradicate the needless blindness occurring in India. There are more than 2 million children and some millions adults in India who are blind and many could be cured as they are not permanent blindness. The Aravind Eye Care’s is ophthalmological treatment is of world class where technology has a very vital role which includes examining patients eye through internet. The Aravind eye care is using every bit of technology to cut their costs so that they can provide free surgeries to those patients who cannot afford the costs. There are many people who have been benefited from their technology. The eye care does not send doctors to the villages as that would increase the cost so instead they only send the assistants and they do all the examination and send all the images of the patient’s eyes to the doctor through internet and doctors gives the desired prescription. About millions of patients who cannot afford the costs have been treated free of cost.

Apart from doing surgeries Aravind Eye Care also manufactures world class ophthalmic products. At present they do about 3.6 million eye surgeries in India. If this can be increased to 5 million, needless blindness can be eradicated. They do about 2600 surgeries per doctor per year in Aravind Eye Hospitals. The all India average is about 400.

For more information about Aravind Eye Care visit the link below:


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