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The man behind the success of Apple..

Steve Jobs, who was the brain behind the “Apple”  knew how to sell his product. He was albeit not a technical person but he knew the basics of marketing and this made him the one of best marketer in the world. He founded apple computers with his friend Steve woznaik. The two together had laid the foundation of the world’s greatest company. 

Well it might seems to some of you that why am i writing about steve jobs as the world already knows about him. But the reason why i am writing about him is my curiosity to tell every reader again and again about him. He is a legendary person and the way he does business is inexplicable. He is the role model of so many people and only recently while i was studying more about him through his videos, my respect towards him increases manifold.

I would want all of you who wants to do great in life and aspire to be an entrepreneur, please learn about him and watch his videos so that you won’t miss even the minutest details of marketing. 



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